Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2016

The Art Of Wall Painting (Mural) For Your House

The art of painting walls or popularly called the mural is now increasingly sought after. If the first mural of many looks adorn the outer skin of the building, its application is now quite often seen adorning the interior of commercial buildings to residential. Huh, murals became one of the decorative element that is capable of changing the atmosphere of the space and make it feel more personal.

Drawing a mural on the wall is actually not as difficult as you may think. Architect from share tips easy and practical ways to paint the interior walls.

Clean The Wall

Before you start painting, make sure the walls was clean and not dusty. It is aimed so that the paint can stick perfectly and not lumpy.


After priming apply cleaner or primer first. Priming paint colors make useful look more real and long-lasting.

Make A Pattern

The next step is to make the pattern fit the image that you want. You can create a grid to facilitate the first time You start drawing. Alternatively, use a projector to Evespictures to the wall. Then make the reflected image as a guide to make the line base.

Painting Techniques

There are several techniques of the painting that you can choose, ranging from painting techniques with a paint brush or texture like sponging techniques, so that the results of the paintings look more dimensional.


Lastly, lightly coat the results of painting with vernis shiny not to doff type when exposed to the rays of light in the evening.

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